Genève-Rolle-Genève / June 7, 2014

Yacht Club de Genève (YCG)

Traditionally organized by the Yacht Club de Genève, the Genève-Rolle-Genève is a race well-known by all the sailors on the Lake of Geneva, as it represents the “test race” of the Bol d’Or. It is the opportunity to polish the last details before the famous Bol d’Or race which is always scheduled the following weekend. Over 240 boats
usually take part in this famous event. This race, open to all the classes of Lake Geneva boats, has a single starting line with a section restricted to the D35s. At 1 p.m. sharp, all the boats cross the starting line off the Tour Carrée, in Cologny, offering an amazing show, easily visible from the shore of the lake.
Last year, Realstone Sailing won the race ahead of Ladycat and Rham-Sotheby’s.

As a reminder, the race record has been held since 1990 by Ylliam (Pierre-Yves Firmenich) with a time of 2 h. 19 min. 31 seconds.