Press releases

Realstone Sailing, skippered by Jérôme Clerc, wins the Grand Prix Grange & Cie, in front of Zen Too, the Decision 35 of Guy de Picciotto helmed by Fred Le Peutrec, and Alinghi, skippered by Ernesto Bertarelli. This weekend marks also the victory of Realstone Sailing in the Vulcain Trophy 2012 and a quite exceptional season for the young crew!

A weekend to remember at the Yacht Club de Genève: 10 thrilling regattas in 2 days, a lot of action and a great public in a friendly atmosphere. Okalys Corum skipper Nicolas Grange finished the weekend with a victory in front of “his” public: “It was a beautiful weekend and we are extremely happy. We did win two times, we made a second place twice and a third place once. After we made a few mistakes, but we still had great moments.” He continues: “As for the event, and here I speak as a partner of Grange & Cie, I’m really delighted. I think the public had a lot of fun. The atmosphere was excellent during these two days and the public has seen so many races. ‘The races were passionate with a few small incidents: a broken helm on the first day for Okalys Corum, two crewmembers overboard for Alinghi, two days in a row, Artemis Racing missing a buoy after a reorientation of the course… but mostly significant changes in the rankings during the two days: in fact, 6 of the 9 crews climbed at least once on the top step of the podium, and all but Ladycat, end up once last or penultimate of the ranking. Suffice to say that the racing was very hectic!

A beautiful weekend for Zen Too also who finished second in the Grand Prix, with two first places today. Guy de Picciotto says : “We are very happy. It is true that the light winds suit us well. These are conditions that make us forget our lack of training… We can focus on strategy and tactics, rather than physical effort. “As for the victory of the youngsters of the Geneva Regatta Training Center? “I’m really happy for them. They are strong, they are super trained and they really deserved this win! ‘Alinghi finishes in 3rd place in the Grand Prix and occupies the second place in the overall standings of the Vulcain Trophy, presented by Business and Decision. However nothing is decided yet as Ladycat and De Rham Sotheby’s, can also still reach the second place.

This weekend marks another victory of Realstone Sailing. This success allows the young team to already climb on the highest step of the podium of the Vulcain Trophy 2012. Jérôme Clerc and the entire crew of Realstone Sailing, coming from the Geneva Regatta Training Center received a big applause at the Prize Giving. The skipper Jerome Clerc said: “I want to thank all the owners of the D35 class for creating this fantastic series. I also want to thank the owner of our boat, Guy de Picciotto, which is really very supportive of the young generation and allowed us to participate in this great adventure. And finally, I also sincerely thank Esteban Garcia, president of Realstone, without whom our presence in this series would not have been possible!”

And to conclude this 2012 season in style, let’s meet on 12, 13 and 14 October 2012 at the Société Nautique de Genève for the final Grand Prix of the season, the Grand Prix Facchinetti Automobiles !

Ranking Grand Prix Grange & Cie:
1. Realstone Sailing – Jérôme Clerc
2. Zen Too – Guy de Picciotto
3. Alinghi – Ernesto Bertarelli
4. De Rham Sotheby’s – Philippe Cardis
5. Okalys Corum – Nicolas Grange
6. Ladycat – Dona Bertarelli
7. Artemis Racing – Torbjorn Tornqvist
8. Veltigroup – Marco Simeoni – Boris Lerch
9. Nickel – Fred Moura

Provisional Ranking Vulcain Trophy 2012:
1. Realstone Sailing – Jérôme Clerc 7 pts
2. Alinghi – Ernesto Bertarelli 16 pts
3. De Rham Sotheby’s – Philippe Cardis 21 pts
4. Ladycat – Dona Bertarelli 23 pts
5. Zen Too – Guy de Picciotto 30 pts
6. Artemis Racing – Torbjorn Tornqvist 30 pts
7. Okalys Corum – Nicolas Grange 37 pts
8. Veltigroup – Marco Simeoni – Boris Lerch 40 pts
9. Nickel – Fred Moura 41 pts